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What's in My Stock Portfolio

June 29, 2020
Frank Cabibi

After making some stock trades in the community, I thought it would be good to let you guys know what I am currently holding in my stock trading account. This is just to let you know if I own any of the companies I have talked about, if I'm waiting to get in, or never plan on buying.

My Portfolio

Right now, I have two accounts. One is on Robinhood and the other is on TD Ameritrade. I made a Robinhood account years ago when I first started trading because I loved the idea of no commissions on trades which was a brand new concept at the time. Eventually, other brokers caught on like TD Ameritrade, so now all my trades are executed with $0 commission.

Here is what I'm holding in my Robinhood account:
TVIX- Average cost of $176 per share
TSLA- Average cost of $883 per share

If you take a look at TVIX, my average cost is above its current price, so I am currently down in my position on the trade. But for reasons I stated in my last article about the VIX and why I'm trading it is mentioned here: https://a1trading.com/2020/06/24/what-the-vix-tells-us-and-how-to-trade-it/

Obviously, I am not in much of anything right now as most of my positions have been cleared out due to my short sentiment on the market. However, I'm always using their platform because I love how transparent and easy they make trading. I especially love their top movers screener because it helps you see where the most money is flowing in or out of.

You can set filters to which stocks are rising the most, falling, or both. You can also set the prices if you want to look at cheaper or more expensive stocks. The time period ranges from 1 day to 5 years.

To get back on track, I decided to buy TSLA around the time they announced that they will start competing with Nikola motors by manufacturing their own semi-trucks and selling them within a few years. So far, I'm up 10% on the trade, and I'm thinking of closing soon based on how hard speculative growth stocks move especially during uncertain market conditions.

I'm holding a few more positions in my TD account:
GBCHF- Average cost of $0.0026
MJ- Average cost of $17.27
NKLA- Average cost of $33.16
PLNHF- Average cost of $1.74
TVIX- Average cost of $127.39

Metaverse Capital (GBCHF) was a very speculative play I made a few years back when crypto became popular. After Bitcoin's surge in 2017, I realized that cryptocurrencies would become very popular to trade with. Instead of looking to invest in unregulated markets, I looked for companies that worked with data mining. This play didn't work out the way I expected it to as the stock hasn't moved in a very long time and now only has a market cap of about $3 million. This trade was definitely one of my mistakes, and I do not recommend purchasing this stock in particular, but I think data mining companies are still on the rise for the future. Although I don't recommend this stock, I want to be transparent on all my positions so you can see exactly what I'm holding.

MJ is one of my long term cannabis plays. MJ is an ETF that tracks all the major pot stocks traded in US markets including Canopy Growth. Because cannabis is in a lull right now, pot stocks are not very popular while further laws have not been passed in the US and the pandemic has set everything back. If you have followed cannabis up to this point, you probably noticed how high Mj used to be (roughly in the $40s) before the hype around them dissipated. I still believe cannabis has lots of potential in the coming years, but MJ is currently stuck below $20, which could mean a good deal for long-term cannabis bulls. You can read about my liking for cannabis companies here:

NKLA is my favorite pick so far this year. The price has absolutely skyrocketed within the past month, and I was very fortunate to get in before the hype. Nikola Motors is one company that has the potential to compete with Tesla with the same concept but in a different space. Unlike Tesla, Nikola works in the transportation industry, providing electric vehicles such as semi-trucks to companies who need to move equipment, products or other important assets from one place to another. Lots of major companies have warehouses, like Amazon, that need tons of 18-wheelers to move their shipments across the nation. The 150% jump in price came after announcing that NKLA would start selling their newest electric pickup truck, the Badger. Prices went all the way up to $95 before capping and I sold most of my shares at $87.50. I'm still holding this stock, but with far fewer shares.
You can read about my thoughts on Nikola Motors here:


PLNHF or Planet 13 Holdings is another speculative cannabis play. I don't really plan on selling these shares anytime soon which could either be really good or really bad for my portfolio. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Planet 13 owns the largest dispensary in size but works more in the hospitality business. They provide fun activities in their interactive shop and cafes for people to lounge and try new products. The stock is relatively cheap and upside potential looks very good in the future. Because of the pandemic, revenues have plummeted since the company relies on heavy foot traffic and tourism. So for this stock, you'd have to be very forward-looking. Cannabis bulls like myself will probably see little to no growth in the industry this year, so these investments require patience.
You can read more about Planet 13 here: https://a1trading.com/2020/06/15/buying-cannabis-during-covid/

To be clear, I have multiple positions on TVIX and they are not all on the same account. I have shares of TVIX on Robinhood and TD Ameritrade. My first position was around $250 per share and I have been scaling in as the price declined. The cheapest I bought TVIX at is $124. I'm trying to bring my average cost down under $200 before the end of July. This is an extremely risky bet, so I don't recommend trading the VIX or TVIX (VIX 2X Leverage) unless you can handle the volatility. This trade could very well not working out for me, but if it does, the upside potential far exceeds the risk.
Here's what I wrote about the VIX and what I think will happen with the stock market next month: https://a1trading.com/2020/06/26/will-the-stock-market-crash-in-july/

That's It!

That's everything in my portfolio! I left everything on the table; all of my 'bad' positions as well as the 'good' ones are there for you to see/do some research on. I hope this article helped you gain some insight on me as well as our community. I wanted to make this to show you all that we not only do analysis, but we also put our money where our mouth is. If I feel strongly about one of the stocks/currency pairs in my articles, odds are I have made a trade. As a trader/investor, picks are never easy, so it's important to do your own research and dedicate time to understanding what you're buying. I don't recommend getting in any of these positions until you have done your own research because ultimately, it is up to you. All of my positions were made after lots of time dedicated as well as thought. In this community, it's not about following what we trade. It's following how we trade, whether it's from technical analysis to fundamentals, we encourage traders to do the same before getting in.

Hope you all stay safe and trade safe!

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