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Retail Sentiment

Retail sentiment is helpful to traders as it provides valuable insights into the behavior and sentiment of individual investors, often serving as a contrarian signal that traders can use to gauge potential market reversals or momentum shifts.

What is Retail Sentiment?

Retail sentiment is a measurement of long and short positions in a certain market by the retail crowd. A retail investor is any kind of investor that is not an institution, insider or entity other than an individual. Oftentimes, retail sentiment is inversely correlated to what big money is doing. If retail positions are majority long a certain asset, this indicates a bearish signal, because it usually means that institutions are majority short. The same concept applies for when retail is majority short; institutions are likely long sending a bullish signal.
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How To use Retail Sentiment

Retail Sentiment Explained: How to Trade AGAINST the Crowd!

June 20, 2024
Why BoE Didn't Cut

Today, the Bank of England announced the bank rate decision and kept interest rates where they are. This caused some confusion among investors as the UK's inflation rate is now back to 2%. And it also raises the question as to why the Fed forecasts one rate cut this year with over 3% inflation. Swiss […]

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June 17, 2024
Markets Struggle at the Highs

After starting off the month with numerous heavy news events, the S&P 500 and NASDAQ both ended up at all time highs. Now the question that remains is whether or not this trend can continue. Here is my outlook on USD-related assets. 10 year T-notes are now very bullish on the EdgeFinder for several fundamental […]

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June 13, 2024
Why CPI is Actually a Hawkish Sign

Yesterday's inflation data came in cooler on all fronts, relieving investors of the interest rate pressures as the anticipation of interest rate cuts grew. However, FOMC's dot plot is now only expecting one rate cut this year, as opposed to three. Here is why CPI was not good enough for relief. Gold holds strong One […]

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