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Catch a rally or selloff at the beginning by looking at a spike in volume
A1 Volume Spikes. Catch a rally or selloff at the beginning by looking at a spike in volume.
This tool measures whether or not there are copious amounts of volume within each candle movement. Real market moves happen all the time, but it is important to figure out which ones are “true” moves and which ones are “false”. 

What is a "True" or "False" Move?
True or false refers to how much institutional involvement was put into the price swing which is based on volume. If there is a spike in price on light volume, we can’t consider this as a true move in the market. Similarly to selling pressure, if there is not much volume on the sell side then it doesn’t necessarily mean price will continue to fall.

Is the A1 Volume Spikes a one time payment?

Yes! The A1 Volume Spikes is a one time payment.

Does this tool come with a guide?

Yes! You will receive an installation guide as well as a user manual with your purchase.

What charting platform can this tool be used on?

This tool is built for tradingview.com


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